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Farm sheds, Barns & Stables

Novobuild can design, engineer and supply a range of barns, farm sheds and stables to suit unique rural requirements. Our team have years of experience and can provide a solution that suits the customer’s needs.

American Barn
Tradionally with two stage roofs with a centre section. Either one or both sides will include an annex, which will usually be a 5 degree pitch. This style barn also lends itself well to be fitted out as stables.

American Barn with Awning
This is an ideal design for use as a farm machinery shed, workshop or stables. Similar buildings have been used for stud stock houses and on vineyards for processing and storage of wine. The awnings offer additional covered storage area and protect the walls from early and late sun rays. The increase in roof size also increases the area for catching valuable rain water.

Aussie Barn
These sheds have the typical Australian roof line with the annex or awning fitted as an extension of the main roof line. This reduces cost and simplifies catchment of rain water by having one lot of guttering each side of the building.

With Aussie barns you can have open or enclosed, or partly open awnings and annexes. Choose between low cost plain zinc or attractive pre-coloured finish in either traditional corrugated or modern high profile cladding.

Aussie barns make great week-enders, huts, construction or mine site sheds, etc. They are simple to line internally and their all steel construction makes them hard to burn or damage, and resistant to termites.

Whatever rural steel building you need, be sure to get a free quote from Novobuild.